Alcohol Consumption and Motorcycling!

A dangerous lifestyle will have negative effects on your life insurance rates. Even if your job can affect the premiums, so hobbies can too. It is difficult to find cheap life insurance if you enjoy extreme sports, however motorcycling may be an exception.

HEALTH Alcohol 074058Alcohol consumption, on the other hand, will not put your agent at ease and you may be disqualified from getting life coverage, including no medical exam life insurance.

Motorcycling and life insurance

Extreme sports put your life in danger. Even experienced practitioners risk serious injuries and death. Insurance agencies do not like risks. Strangely enough, motorcycling is not considered a hazardous activity, unless you participate in bike races.

  • If you use your motorcycle to get around the city and ride it for pleasure, your premiums will not be affected.
  • If you participate in bike races, your rates will go up. This makes sense as the likelihood of an accident and death increases.
  • Most companies do not ask about motorcycling, but if they do, you have to tell them. But your rates may not be affected!

Alcohol and life insurance

Alcohol, unlike motorcycling can affect your life insurance premiums. If you drink regularly, you will be put into a risk category. People who suffer from alcoholism may not be able to qualify for a traditional policy. They should try to get coverage through no medical exam life insurance instead.

Your driving record can also affect the insurance premiums. If you ride a motorcycle and have been arrested for drinking and driving, your life insurance rates will increases. Companies will look at your driving record to see if you have any DUIs. They may also look at what you are driving. And if you drink and drive a motorcycle, they may consider you too risky for a plan.

In conclusion, motorcycling and alcohol do not mix, but motorcycling alone may not have an impact on your life insurance premiums. Make sure you call an agent to discuss your case. An insurance broker can offer valuable insight which can help you find cheaper coverage.

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