Drug Rehab And Its Influence On Your Premium Rates!

People with a history of drug abuse will be unattractive clients for most insurance agencies, especially if they want to purchase high amounts of life coverage. People in this situation have higher chances of buying a plan by applying for term life insurance without exam or by getting guaranteed acceptance life insurance from employers.

Drugs and the underwriting process

drugsPeople who have a history of drug abuse will not do well as applicants. Agencies see drug abuse as a liability. Since drug abuse can do a lot of harm to a person’s health, agencies will consider people in this situation too risky to insure. Even people who have been through drug rehab and have been rehabilitated, will not enjoy a more relaxed treatment. Agencies see a history of drug abuse as a constant danger because the applicant may return to his or her old habit.

Can you get life insurance?

If you have a history of drug abuse and went to rehab, you still have chances of getting life coverage. The easiest way would be to apply for term life insurance without exams. This type of policy does not require a physical or medical examination. In order to qualify, you have to complete a simple medical questionnaire. You may not even need to mention your drug abuse history, but if you are asked something about it, you should answer truthfully!

In the case of more traditional policies, that require medical examinations, time is your best ally. The more years have passed since your drug rehab, the better it will be! Staying clear of drugs for several years will make your case stronger as it proves that you are in no risk of becoming an addict again. Also, as time passes, you can also recover from most medical harm drugs have done to you. A medical examination will review your general health state and based on these reports, an agency will determine your life insurance premiums.

A history of drug abuse will make premiums more expensive and they can harm your eligibility.

People who have been through drug rehab should compare quotes in order to find the best life insurance policies! Visit us for more information!