Is there a chance for leukemia sufferers to purchase life insurance?

It is really a crushing blow to be notified that you have leukemia. Leukemia is a troublesome type of cancer that affects the white blood cells and disrupts the proper functions of the immune system.

leukemia life insuranceIn the past, this disease seemed to be almost impossible to treat, but nowadays, modern medicine has made wonders.  We have combined treatments and transplants capable of giving a fighting chance to anyone. The main problem is how you are going to pay for all medical procedures, they are not so cheap.

A good solution for the future is to purchase life insurance. You should read more about term life insurance and term life insurance rates given to those suffering of leukemia. So, yes, there is a chance for leukemia sufferers to purchase life insurance.

Having cancer will surely diminish the chances of finding life insurance at affordable rates. It is challenging, but not impossible if you know where to look.

First thing you should do is to understand what type of leukemia you have, there are several types.  Insurers also want to know if you are under treatment and what sort of treatment you are currently undergoing.

Treatments for leukemia include :

– radiation therapy

– chemotherapy

– bone marrow transplant

–  other combined methods.

The type of treatment you are undergoing will slightly modify the premium value. Bring good medical records and anything related to your treatments.

You can also present some results and predictions: if you are expected to live, if the treatment is effective and so on.

You should also call the advice of a specialist.  There are brokers that are specialized in finding life insurance for leukemia sufferers. Again, you must disclose all the medical records and let him examine your condition.

This agent can suggest you to apply for a graded death benefit policies or for guaranteed issue term life insurance policies.  In both cases, you should keep the treatment plan made by the doctor. This will show the insurance company that you are a responsible client and in the future they will not have to worry about giving you better rates.

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