Is your health condition starting to alter?

We all need to preserve our bodies and minds in the best possible condition. The quality of life is strictly related to our health. You cannot say that you have a beautiful and peaceful life when you are feeling sick and live with constant pain. If your health condition is starting to alter, you should be concerned about saving money for medical bills. But having a pre-existing medical condition will cause to be rejected by many insurers. No medical exam life insurance policies might be in this case the only available option for you.

drugs seniorsYou must understand that advancing in age will increase the occurrence frequency for diseases, especially age-related sicknesses: Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and osteoporosis are the most common ones. Unfortunately, not all of these diseases show early signs of development and it is hard to find if you are suffering of them. Before you knew it you can end up being affected.  And this is the reason why so many seniors get rejected.

Postponing the day of the purchase now does not seem a bright idea, does it?  In this case, the only option is to talk with insurance brokers and see if they come up with a solution. In most situations they will recommend no medical exam policies. Companies selling them are able to accept sick persons as clients.

Even if they provide general acceptance and quick processing for sick persons, companies will need to know what are you suffering of. This will help the carrier calculate all the risks and determine a fair price for premiums. Your condition will help them determine if you need simplified issue no medical exam policies or guaranteed issue no medical exam life insurance.  The underwriting procedures, limitations and benefits are different and if you do not disclose all the info, you will end up paying more than it is normally required. The less the company knows about your condition the more you will have to pay.

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